Berkeley Contracting Communications

Has build a high customer satisfaction rate for themselves. This because of being competitive and innovative. We install and manage antenna towers and communication products for commercial and residential customers.  to provide and build communicating products like antenna towers.

Berkeley Contracting as a reliable company dealing only with industry leading engineering firms and with the highest quality tower manufacturer in North America.

Berkeley Contracting are highly experienced professionals that have dedicated their carriers to the Telecommunication industry. Our customers rely on our years of direct field experience building their communication sites. Building towers in difficult locations, under difficult conditions is part of what our management team offers.

Berkeley Contracting and Communications only works with a professional field staff with the training and experience required to deliver the highest quality turn-key communication networks.

Berkeley Contracting and Communications is the Canadian representative and product distributor of [Please fill in]  Towers and Poles.

Berkeley Contracting and Communications is completely involved management, engineering, production and installing which guarantees the highest quality products and a complete range of services. This saves you time and eliminates wait times to get answers on your questions internally before it causes delays.

Contact Berkeley Contracting & Construction when you need . . .

Certified Design Drawings

Residential & Commercial Sales & Installations.

Zoning and Permitting Assistance

Antennas & Private Cable & Lines

Geotechnical Services

Site Preparation and Civil Construction

Hotels & Motels (SMATV)

Provide and Install Antennas/Transmission

Tower Foundations and Erection & and Inspection Services

Placing and Removal of all Antennas,

Towers & Satellite Dishes.

All Maintenance.

"HD Digital T.V. Reception Specialist"

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